Clearing the Cloud: The Truth Behind Vaping

Vapor Evolved

Vaping is a controversial new industry, and like other new trends is surrounded by misinformation. Mainstream media remains skeptical about its impact on public health. Big Tobacco is aggressively lobbying to ban vaping while trying to sell their own disposable electronic cigarettes. But Denver-based company Faze™ Vapor doesn’t make simple e-cigarettes; it makes premium USB-chargeable vaporizer kits and e-hookahs. What really goes into vaporizers is a lot less exciting, but more flavorful, than what the current debate will tell you:

  • All e-cigarettes are NOT created equal. Vape pens from Faze™ Vapor are completely different from the disposable e-cigs you may have seen at your local gas station. Faze™ Vapor sells premium refillable and rechargeable vaporizers, offering 10 different flavors and two nicotine strengths (16mg and 24mg). Disposable e-cigs typically have less vapor, a shorter shelf life, and aren’t as flavorful as premium AVPs (“Advanced Personal Vaporizers”).
  • Most e-juice contains little to no nicotine. Many vape users agree that too much nicotine actually takes away from the flavor. Vape pens are a product intended for use as an alternative to traditional smoking, not a substitute. Typical customers are frequently ex-smokers trying to lessen their nicotine intake.
  • Propylene glycol is NOT the same as diethylene glycol. The former is a major ingredient found in mainstream asthma inhalers, while the latter is a major component of antifreeze. These are two completely different products. Faze™ Vapor e-juice contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring. It does not contain diethylene glycol.

To learn more about what makes Faze™ Vapor products different, visit them online or contact Faze™ Vapor customer support at (888) 642-6835.


The Origins of Vaping: The Science Explained


Vaping versus smoking—what’s the difference? Vaping requires a vapor, inhaled from electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, whereas smoking simply refers to the burning of a chemical that is inhaled directly. Additionally, vaping has been proven to be safer than smoking, though it is not a completely risk-free alternative. Individuals who enjoy vapes will enjoy much less of a health risk going into old age.

Vaping has continued to evolve since its inception, and the vapor experts at Faze Vapor want to give you the facts:

  • Who Invented Vapes/Vaping: Herbert A. Gilbert patented the prototype for the modern electronic cigarette in the 1960s. In 2003, Gilbert’s ideas were modernized by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. He was inspired to create an alternative to smoking after the death of his father who passed away from cancer after having been a smoker all of his life.
  • What Are The Different Forms of Vaping: Vaping takes on many different forms: electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-hookahs and e-liquid, though in every form, a vapor is present to liquefy the smoke. The substance that comprises e-liquids is either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). The combination of either of these substances with natural or artificial flavors produces the specific flavor as desired by the e-smoker.
  • What is a Vaporizer: A typical vaporizer consists of three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the inhaler. In a nutshell, the battery powers the atomizer, which vaporizes the PG or VG solution into a liquefied smoke. This is inhaled directly through the mouthpiece or inhaler.

Vaping can be pleasurably experienced in a wide array of flavors including: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, cinnamon, and many more. Many electronic cigarettes also light up upon inhaling, giving the user a simulated smoking experience. To learn more about the science behind the vaping “magic,” visit Faze Vapor online or give them a call at (888) 642-6835.


Vape 101: How Vaping Works

vaping 101 - how it works

As vaping becomes more and more popular, people are curious as to exactly how it works. Faze™ Vapor is a Denver-based vape manufacturer specializing in vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and e-cig accessories. They are experts in the vaping process and here they share their insights into just what happens when we vape.

Vaping can be defined, quite simply, as the use of a device that produces an inhalable vapor. There are four main steps to vaping. For the purposes of this article, we will use electronic cigarettes in the following example:

  1. When your e-cig is fully charged, disconnect it from the battery and unscrew the cap on the tank.
  2. Fill the tank with e-liquid; be sure to aim carefully into the tank and stop when the fluid level is near the top. E-liquid, or e-juice, is the flavored liquid that gives the vapor a distinctive taste. You can purchase e-liquid in many different flavors ranging from tobacco and menthol to kiwi and vanilla.
  3. Once the tank is full, screw the cap back on.
  4. You’re ready to vape! Just take a deep, slow inhalation, and enjoy the flavors of a relaxing drag.

Faze™ Vapor sells starter vaporizer kits to get you ready for your first vaping experience. Call (888) 642-6835 or visit the Faze™ website today to learn more about vaping and see if it’s right for you. Faze™ Vapor is proud to be on the cutting edge of vaping technology, offering the next generation of e-cigs and vaporizing products.


Faze™ Vapor Provides Unique Products and a Superior Vaping Experience


Faze™ Vapor, based in Wheat Ridge, CO, is dedicated to providing the perfect vaping experience with a line of superbly engineered electronic cigarettes, e-hookahs, and e-liquids. Improving on existing products and adding brilliant innovations of their own, Faze has successfully created the ultimate vaping experience with their highly customizable, intelligent designs and unswerving dedication to quality.

Their talented team of dedicated engineers have reinvented every aspect of the electronic cigarette, resulting in a product that provides a distinctive look and comfortable feel, as well as a smooth, even draw, and smooth vapor every time. Whereas other companies are content producing tubular bodies like traditional cigarettes, Faze vaping pens are hexagonal so they stay where you put them without rolling away.

Faze’s improvements extend into the battery, as well. Each e-cig is equipped with a 24-hour battery, with improved USB charging capabilities. The micro-USB port allows their e-cigarettes to be charged nearly anywhere, and unlike most other brands, it can be used while it’s still powering up.

Their 1.6ml tanks hold enough e-liquid to match the extended battery life, and the dual-coil vaporizing system guarantees a thick cloud of vapor with every draw. With Faze e-liquids, which can be individually tailored to the tastes of every individual customer, their e-hookahs and vaping pens provide a uniquely satisfying vaping experience that other producers can’t match.

To experience the future of vaping yourself, visit Faze Vapor online and browse their extensive list of revolutionary products. Call (888) 642-6835 with any questions.


12 Days of Nicotek

The Holiday Season is in full-swing. Between visits with family, work parties and shopping… it can be hard to squeeze all of that in. To help ease the stress of the holidays, we’re pleased to bring you “12 Days of Nicotek” this year. Each day for the next 12 days will feature a 1-day-only promotion for www.metroecigs.com and www.fazevapor.com.



5 Metro e-Cig Products for December

December is here, which means there’s one more reason to quit smoking: it’s getting too cold to enjoy burning one outside. I’d rather not bundle up for seven minutes of dubious pleasure, thank you very much! The following products from Metro e-Cigs do the trick and then some.


Metro King 1.8T Original

These really look, feel, and taste like traditional cigarettes. I especially like that this e-cig has a soft tip—not a hard plastic tip like most other e-cigs. One lasts me about two days, the same as a pack of cigarettes. Plus, I can start and stop “vaping” whenever I want. No more checking my watch to see if I’ve got enough time. And they’re disposable: No battery to recharge, no cartridge to replace. Everyone has different taste preferences, so try this one first if you want to check out Metro’s flavor. I plan to keep one on hand wherever I go this November.
metro soft-tip traditional tobacco flavor electronic cigarette


Metro 1.8% Traditional Starter Kit

E-cig starter kits are a little more hands-on than disposables. You do have to charge the battery regularly, but if you plan ahead, this isn’t a problem. I charge my Metro every night, and it’s ready for me to use all day. The battery lasts a good long time between charges. This starter kit comes in a handy case, complete with USB charger and two 1.8% cartridges. It would be an especially good investment this November since the replacement cartridges come in packages of three and thirty six.
metro tobacco flavor electronic cigarette starter kit


Metro STEALTH Designer Pack

The main perk with this e-cig designer pack is that it doesn’t light up the interior of your car like an e-cig. It’s November, it’s dark when I drive home from work, and I’m not too keen on the idea of getting pulled over for texting while driving. The battery features a digital camo pattern, and the case comes with a USB charger and room for an e-cigarette and two cartridges. The tip does light up red when the battery needs to be recharged and green when it’s done. If you like Metro’s flavor, get this or one of their other designer packs plus a thirty-six pack of cartridges. Overall, a well-thought-out design.


Metro ReCharge Pack

An excellent buy for the committed e-cig user, the Metro ReCharge Pack is a portable wall charger with an added bonus: You can recharge your e-cig battery even when you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. It looks like a pack of cigarettes, and it will charge a battery, store a full e-cig, and store up to three cartridges all at once. If you have to make an extended trip this November, take this recharger along.
E-cig recharge pack


E-Hookah Peach

A yummy alternative to the e-cigarette. I keep a few of these on-hand for friends who want to “vape” with me but dislike the tobacco flavor and nicotine content of the products I use. And, yes, I hit these myself from time to time. The taste is quite enjoyable, especially the peach—a perfect dessert for that big feast day in November.
Peach E-Hookah by Nicotek


Faze Personal Vaporizer Giveaway

Faze Vapor Personal Vaporizer Giveaway


Personal Vaporizer Starter-Kit Giveaway!
We’re giving away a Personal Vaporizer Starter Kit (value of $79.93) with the color of your choice and a bottle of e-juice.All you have to do is: 
1. Like Faze Vapor on Facebook (click here)
2. Like the Post desribing the Contest (should be pinned to the top of page)
3. Comment on the post what color of Vaporizer Kit you would like and what E-Juice flavor you would like to try.

Color Options: Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Flavor Options: (Available in 24mg or 16mg) – Kiwi, Orange, Grape, Cherry, Tobacco, Menthol, Watermelon, Apple, Vanilla, Chocolate)

Contest Ends @ Midnight on Sunday 11/23/14 and Winners will be announced on Monday 11/24/14. For complete terms and conditions, please visit: http://www.fazevapor.com/content/faze-starter-kit-giveaway.asp

PRIZE INCLUDES: 900 mAH Battery, Clearomizer Tank, Lanyard, Portable Backup Power Bank, Micro-USB, Black Wall Charger & Your choice of E-Juice.

No Purchase Necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited by law. Must be 18 years of age or older. Valid in USA only.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Faze Vapor and not to Facebook. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims. Participation in this promotion is subject to the official rules, which can be found here:http://www.fazevapor.com/content/faze-starter-kit-giveaway.asp


Get vaping for under $25

E-cig starter kit

Getting started vaping has never been easier than with the FAZE Basic Vaporizer Kit. Simply add some e-juice (sold separately) to the included clearomizer and you’ll be vaping away in no time. WIth the pass-thru technology of the 650 mAh battery you are able to vape and charge at the same time. Pair the 650 mAh battery and the 2.0ml clearomizer tank and you got a vape kit that will surely last you all day. Not sure if vaping and e-juices are for you? This is the perfect entry level kit to test the waters.  Check it out here: http://www.fazevapor.com/product/faze-ecig-vaporizer-basic.asp 


   • Battery Style: Unique Hexagon
   • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
   • Battery Charge Cycles: 300
   • Pass-Thru (usable while charging): Yes
   • Heating Elements (coils): Bottom-feed Single-coil
   • Coil Ohms: 2.0Ω
   • Vapor Production: Better
   • Tank Capacity: 2.0ml
   • Wide-range of flavors: Yes
   • Multiple Nicotine Levels: Yes
   • E-Liquid Blended in the U.S.A.: Yes
   • Colored Accessory Line: Yes
   • Warranty: Yes
   • Finish: Anodized Black
   • Rechargeable Battery
   • Standard Clearomizer
   • Standard MicroUSB Cable



    Happy Veterans Day

    Originally known as Armistice Day and the end of World War I, November 11th has become a day to honor American Veterans of all wars. Please take the time to thank a Veteran today. Whether you personally know a Veteran or see one in passing, be sure to let them know how grateful you are for them. We owe our freedom to these selfless citizens. Read below for more history on how Veterans Day came to be.

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    Nicotek Veterans Day Sale


    Happy FALLOWEEN!!!

    We hope that you have a great Halloween and are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather. To celebrate Halloween and Fall, we’ve decided that our treats should last more than 1-Day…. Hence our FALLOWEEN SALE!!!

    For 1 week, we are offering 25% off your total order at www.metroecigs.com or www.fazevapor.comUse Code: FALLOWEEN – Offer Valid October 31, 2014 through November 7, 2014. Not valid with any other offer.


    As the leaves on the trees are falling, enjoy these falling prices for 1-week only!

    Nicotek FALLOWEEN Sale

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