Best Costumes for Vapers

Halloween used to be such a pain for smokers before e-cigs were developed. You had to make sure your costume wouldn’t go up in flames if you accidentally ashed on it. Nowadays, here in the future, you can vape at your leisure no matter what you are wearing. So have fun with it! Why not try one of these costume ideas and use your vape pen to complete your look?

Vincent Price
vincent price smoking

Looking for a hip, spooky costume? Find yourself a fake pencil mustache and an old suit. Memorize some lines fromHouse of Wax or The Fly and make sure the party you will be attending plays “Thriller”. Everybody loves that song, and Vincent Price was always smoking. Use one of the cigarette look-alike vape pens for this costume.

Any Clint Eastwood character ever
clint eastwood smoking

Any good Clint Eastwood character you can think of smoked. Dirty Harry, The Man With No Name, even the old guy from Gran Torino. The choice comes down to how much you like wearing ponchos. It would be a fun touch to disguise your vape pen as Dirty Harry’s cigar. You just have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

The Wicked Witch of the West
wicked witch of the west

The classic witch from the film, not the lame one from the musical. The Wicked Witch was always disappearing in a cloud of smoke. You can do your own special effects with your vape pen. As an added bonus, the hat makes you look taller.

Detective Chimp
Detective Chimp Smoking

This character doesn’t have a ton of name recognition, but obscure super heroes are all the rage now anyway. Besides, the look is so funny, you don’t need people to recognize it. You dress up as a chimpanzee the wears a deerslayer hat and a goofy sport coat, just like Sherlock Holmes. The best part? Detective Chimp loves smoking. What could be better than a vaping Detective Chimp? 

Cruella De Vil
cruella de vil smoking

Cruella De Vil is a guaranteed show stopper of a costume. She even has a theme song! With the wig and a little bit of stitching, you’ll be one of the most recognizable Disney villains. The trick will be fitting a vape pen into a cigarette holder, but a little bit of craftsmanship goes a long way. If this costume doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! Carry along a couple Dalmatian plush toys and you will be all set.

Smaug the Dragon
smaug the dragon smoke

Don’t worry that the movies didn’t turn out so great. A good Smaug will still amaze your friends. This costume might be a little hard to pull together. You will need a dragon suit, a ton of glitter and one hell of a mask. The payoff will be worth it though, because you can hide your vape pen inside the mask. Then you will be able to breath vapor through the nose of the mask and the effect will be like a dragon blowing smoke. That will definitely be a memorable party trick. You would probably win a couple of contests that way.


How to Clean Your E-Cig Battery

Contrary to popular belief, batteries require maintenance – even the small ones equipped inside your E-Cig. Just like larger batteries, your rechargeable e-cig battery can develop corrosion, which can cause damage, reduce performance, or eventually requiring a replacement to maintain a charge. Corrosion appears as a white crusty buildup, but regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent this corrosion from appearing and keep your e-cigarette in top shape.

Cleaning Your Battery: The Basics
Begin by identifying the housing and open it to inspect the threads for signs of any current corrosion. If there is currently corrosion, you will need to focus on these areas and make sure all signs of white corrosion are removed. If there are no signs of corrosion, focus on an overall cleaning of the battery and housing area.

The Cleaning Process
The process of cleaning the e-cigarette is simple and only requires one essential ingredient: rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton ball or q-tips to apply the rubbing alcohol as needed. Make sure not to soak the cotton ball or q-tip – a cursory cleaning is all that is required and flooding the chamber could cause problems of its own. Do not dip the ends in any kind of liquid; only use a cotton ball or q-tip to apply the rubbing alcohol to prevent damage.

Moisten your cotton ball or q-tip and focus on the places where corrosion is present. Gently swab at the crust until it is removed and continue cleaning the threads until all signs of crust is removed. If the cotton ball does not remove the buildup, a soft toothbrush can be used to gently remove the deposits. Follow up with a swipe of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will break down deposits, even ones that are invisible to the human eye, and help prevent corrosion from forming.

After cleaning, allow all parts to air-dry for five minutes to ensure all the alcohol has evaporated. Now assemble your e-cig and enjoy a newly powered vape.

clean e-cig battery

Tips for Battery Care and Cleaning
After cleaning your e-cig, replace the cartridge with a new one. You should notice increased performance and longevity, especially if corrosion was present. To further preserve your battery and prevent damage, check the battery threads every couple of weeks and clean connection points once a month.

You can also clean the charger connection but make sure the charger is unplugged before you begin cleaning. By cleaning all connection points, you can ensure corrosion or deposit buildup has not affected the performance of your e-cig.

E-cig batteries are meant to last and provide you with consistent performance and efficiency. Keep your battery charged and don’t store any batteries at less than 50% charge. By taking the time to inspect and clean your e-cigarette, it will continue to provide you with the most delicious vape wherever life may take you and anytime you need it.

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October = Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. Do your part this month and pass it on. Let the ones you care about in your life know what they can do to for early detection and prevention. PASS IT ON.

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Fore more information on Breast Cancer Awareness: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breastcancer/detailedguide/breast-cancer-detection

breast cancer awareness month,


Metro e-Cig Products for October

Looking for a way to have fun this fall without constantly sneaking outside for another cigarette? With products from Metro Electronic Cigarette, you can enjoy the rich tobacco flavor that you crave while still having fun with your friends and loved ones during. As college students head back to campus and the temperature drops, you want to spend less time outside in the cold and more time inside where it’s warm. With some of the great products available this September, you can get your nicotine fix with an e-cig and have more time for holiday dinners and other fun events.

Metro 500 Titanium Disposable

With the Metro 500 Titanium Disposable E-Cig by your side, you can save money on cigarettes. Equivalent to three packs of cigarettes, it gives you up to 500 puffs from a single cartridge. Available in a sleek silver color, the end lights up when you inhale to resemble a traditional cigarette. It serves as the perfect introducing to vaping. If you decide to stick with it, you can upgrade to a permanent model and simply toss this one in the trash. Its sleek finish is sure to get you noticed, and you’ll love showing it off at fall parties.

titanium disposable e-cigarette

Metro Platinum Kit

When you go back to campus this fall, you’ll likely find that you can’t smoke in or near buildings on campus. With the Metro Platinum Kit, you can use your e-cig all across campus. This kit comes with everything you need to vape in style. A USB charger lets you plug it in your computer while in the library or your dorm room, but it also comes with a wall charger. You’ll also receive a car charger for charging on your way home, to school or to work. The kit comes with five cartridges in a higher strength and five cartridges in a weaker strength to help you gradually step down on your nicotine intake.

e-cigarette starter kit with everything you need

Metro King Disposable Camo E-Cig

Fall marks the beginning of hunting season for many people, and you’ll feel right at home in the woods with the Metro King Disposable Camo E-Cig. It gives you just the right amount of nicotine to beat your cravings and make you feel more comfortable while hunting, and it features a bold camo design on the outside that mimics the design of your favorite hunting clothing.

camouflage disposable e-cig

Arabian Coffee E-Hookah

If you think that nothing beats the rich taste of a cup of hot coffee on a cool autumn night, check out the Arabian Coffee E-Hookah. E-Hookahs are one of the hottest products around right now. Designed to look just like a single hit hookah pipe, you can safely carry this one with you on the go, and it comes in a rich Arabian coffee flavor.

coffee flavored e-hookah

Metro Stealth Designer Pack

Whether you love hunting or just kicking back in the hunting lodge, you’ll love the Metro Stealth Designer Pack. Available in a fun black-and-white camo design, this kit lets you build your own starter kit. You can pick the accessories that you need for vaping on the go and purchase everything you need at one time. These products will get you through September and the back to school season and beyond.

no LED light e-cig


5 Common Sense Rules to Electronic Cigarettes

It seems everywhere you look, you can see more vapers who have made the decision to leave behind the stench of analogs while enjoying the benefits offered by e-cigs. However, it seems as though common sense can sometimes go out the window when people first discover a new and wonderful things. To make sure you have the best vaping experience possible, be sure to follow these five common sense rules of vaping that will make you look like the expert of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes powered by Nicotek

1. Select the Right Nicotine Strength

Knowing how to choose the right nicotine level is critical for getting the most out of your e-cigs. Cartridges are available with 18, 12, 6 or 0 mgs of nicotine which is quite different from traditional cigarettes. The best way to choose the right nicotine strength is by using your current smoking method as a guide. Smokers who prefer full-strength cigarettes will do best with an 18 mg cartridge, and you can taper down to the next level as needed.

2. Keep Cartridges and Accessories Away from Children

It seems like a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said. E-cigs and children are a dangerous combination. Although it is delivered differently, nicotine is a poison that can cause serious health problems in children. Remember to store your cartridges and accessories out of the reach of children, and choose childproof packaging for all of your e-juice.

3. Avoid a Negative Reaction

For most people, vaping is a better alternative to cigarettes with no adverse affects. However, it is possible to overdose on nicotine or have an allergic reaction to unnecessary additives. Pay attention to your body, and stop vaping if you experience signs of high levels of nicotine such as shakiness, headaches or nausea. Also, make sure you choose cartridges and e-juice from a dealer you can trust to only use natural ingredients.

4. Take Care of Your Battery

Most people would never leave their electronics batteries in a hot car or let them overcharge. Yet, many vapers charge their batteries too long or never give it a proper cleaning. Make sure to remove your battery from the charger once the light turns green and never leave it near a heat source, which could cause an explosion. Also, remove corrosion around the threads anytime you see build up by using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This simple trick will extend the life of your battery while helping to achieve a full charge every time.

5. Practice Respectful Vaping

When e-cigs first hit the market, vapers enjoyed a freedom that they had never known as a smoker. While it was nice vaping in restaurants and on public transportation, many people reacted negatively to a practice that they did not understand. Be sure to check for signs in public spaces that may indicate no vaping indoors, and be prepared to explain what you are doing to others. Although vaping is becoming more common, there are still some people who may not be familiar with e-cigs. Always answer their questions and let them know your reasons for making the switch. By making sure that everyone sees vaping in a positive light, you will be contributing to a more vape-friendly community.

Practicing a little common sense is all it takes to make sure you represent vaping to others in a positive light while also ensuring your personal safety. From choosing the right level of nicotine to caring for your battery, you can immerse yourself in your new favorite activity while demonstrating the right way to enjoy your e-cigs.


METRO E-Cig Products for August

For those who want to enjoy a healthier alternative to smoking without giving up the habit, e-cigs are increasing in popularity for a product that is safer and more convenient to use in public places. For the month of August, there are several Metro e-cig products available to enjoy poolside or when attending a summer barbeque. Between rechargeable packs to starter kits, there are few items that make for must-haves this season.

Metro Designer Pack Camo

This designer pack is available in a convenient carrying case that is easy to take on the go. The durable kit includes a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and a camo designed case for an item that can hold a full sized e-cig with ease. It also has enough room for two extra cartridges for practical ways of keeping all of your accessories in one place. It makes for a trendy and modern product to place in your pocket or in a purse. The item can be purchased at http://www.metroecigs.com/product/camouflage-designer-pack.asp.
METRO camouflage e-cig starter kit

Metro ReCharge Pack

Every e-cig user has experienced the disappointment of their product running out of battery at one time or another. To keep your cool and continue enjoying your product, the Metro ReCharge Pack is a must-have when traveling. It’s an item that can be taken on the go with a USB input to use in the car or on a personal computer. The product is simple to use and even comes with a storage area to hold a full-size e-cigarette and three cartridges. The item is available for purchase at http://www.metroecigs.com/product/recharge-pack.asp.
E-cig recharge pack

Metro 1.2% Traditional Starter

For the beginner who is just getting into using e-cigarettes, the Metro 1.2% Traditional Starter kit comes with every item needed to make the transition from standard cigarettes. Between a USB charger, a rechargeable battery, two tobacco flavored cartridges, and a tin carrying case, it makes for an ideal product that can makes for a great gift. To learn more about the item or to purchase the kit, visit http://www.metroecigs.com/product/metro-traditional-light-starter-kit.asp.

E-cig starter kit by METRO


Nicotek Metro Replacement Battery

This replacement battery is an essential item to own for e-cig users when the product dies or runs out of life. It’s a must-have item when needing to smoke an e-cig and will even last for up to a year. The battery is easy to use and compatible with all METRO products, which will prevent having to wait for the recharge process to complete with this item on hand. The replacement battery is also small enough to slip into a coat pocket and is available to purchase at http://www.metroecigs.com/product/metro-electronic-cigarette-battery.asp.

E-cig battery spare

Nicotek 3pk Cartridge – 1.8% Menthol

For those who prefer the taste of menthol, this three-pack cartridge is of the highest quality and offers an average of 300 puffs with use with an excellent battery life. It includes a vaporizer that is built-in to the product for an enjoyable experience that is simple to use for those with a minimal amount of experience with e-cigs. The cartridges contain 1.8 percent of nicotine for a moderate amount of strength that doesn’t come with the smell of traditional cigarettes. To learn more or purchase the item, visit http://www.metroecigs.com/product/metro-menthol-cartridges.asp.

Menthol E-cig cartridges 30 pack



Best E-Cigarette Memes

In 1963, inventor Herbert A. Gilbert secured a patent for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” that Gilbert hoped would be a healthier alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. While Gilbert never achieved commercial success with his electronic cigarette (some would argue due to tampering from Big Tobacco), his design built the foundation for modern e-cigs. With state governments taking aim at smokers in public places, the rise of e-cigs has allowed smokers to do what makes them feel good without worrying about harming the physical bodies or the sensibilities of those around them.

In honor of e-cigs and their liberating powers, we have compiled a list of the best e-cig memes that capture perfectly what it means to vape.

Insanity Wolf: Juicin’

 E-Juice Wolf Meme

Thousands of years ago, before Sigourney Weaver, there was the Courage Wolf who came down from the heavens of the Internet to inspire lowly humans to new heights of bravery. As a result of the “Courage Wolf” meme, some comedians created the “Insanity Wolf” who would instead encourage acts of insanity, resulting in this e-cig memes. This one is for all your hardcore vapers out there!

(originally posted on imgur.com)


Smells Delicious!

  Fry Futurama E-Cig meme

The confused look on Fry from Futurama‘s face has quickly become on of the more popular base images for memes, and this one of the e-cig memes captures one of vaping’s best upsides: the delicious smell. Once upon a time, cigarette smokers could be immediately identified by their foul smell, but today, they provide sweet and fruity vapors for everyone!
(originally posted on imgur.com) 


For the Uninitiated

 College Kid E-Hookah Meme

How many times have you had to tell someone that your e-cig wasn’t hookah? The rise in high school and college students smoking hookah has led to countless neophytes referring to e-cigarettes as “e-hookahs”, and so let’s just sit back and ridicule them with this image.
(originally posted on PufCigs.com)


Accidental Success

E-Juice Meme

Going along with the “e-cigs smell great” theme, here is something most mobile vapers can relate to. Of course, your car smelling delicious doesn’t replace the hard currency you just spent on your juice…
(originally posted on imgur.com)


For Builders Only

 E-Juice Rebuilt Dripper Meme

Not everyone builds their own e-cigarettes and only the most dedicated vapers can say that they do, but the few who assemble their cigs from scratch, this meme should give you a chuckle. You always forget how good your e-cig could be hitting until you replace that dripper, and this one of our e-cig memes captures that perfectly.
(originally posted on imgur.com)

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our e-cig memes, and feel free to post your favorite memes in the comments below!



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Four Places to Go with Your E-Cigs This Summer

As the temperatures steadily climb higher and higher and the sun makes its appearances for more hours each day, you’re spending more time outdoors. While smoking regular cigarettes in some outdoor places is accepted, you’re more likely to avoid negative feedback if you choose environments that are welcoming of e-cigarettes on your summer vacation.

Wineries and Breweries
Individuals who live local to wineries or breweries or vacation to them likely want to enjoy a glass of their favorite blend with an e-cig in their hand. While smoking inside of the establishment itself may be proscribed, you can relax at a picnic table or go for a stroll of the grounds with two of your favorites in hand. Checking to ensure that outdoor seating is available before heading to the particular location will save you aggravation in the long-run.

While legislation on your favorite e-cig is changing, you should be able to find a spot on the sand that allows them this summer. Total relaxation is practically free-of-charge when you dig your toes into the sand and watch the gentle waves of the ocean rise and fall all while enjoying an e-cig and the company of your friends. Beaches are generally family-friendly establishments, so you likely want to find a spot away from children while you are indulging in one of your favorite habits.

Barbecues and Outdoor Parties
For years now, your family and friends have been begging you to stop smoking, and your e-cig acts as a symbol of your progress at the next summer gathering. Pulling out an e-cig will let them know that you are on your way to quitting and that you have given up your initial habit. Having e-cigs with you also allows you to enjoy grilled foods, an ice cold beer and a sense of peace and relaxation. Mingling with your friends means that you might be able to convince some of them that e-cigs are the way of the future.

Airports and Hotels
During the summer, you probably have at least a trip or two planned, and you likely want to know if your little companions are welcome at airports and hotels. Legislation is still in the works for some establishments, and others have definitely outlawed e-cigs in their parameters. However, you can smoke e-cigs in some of them, so you should find out the specific limitations of the airport through which you are traveling or the hotel to which you are traveling.

The summer presents opportunities that the rest of the year does not, and now, you can enjoy e-cigs and a healthier lifestyle in some of your favorite seasonal spots to explore.



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