E-Cigarettes and Your Health

By Lucas McDonough

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e-cigs and health

The “Dark Truth” of E-cigarettes


Electronic Cigarettes: The What and How

By Lucas McDonough

With pending regulation from the FDA and big tobacco jumping in on the action, electronic cigarettes are quite the buzz these days. So what exactly is all the buzz about? What are electronic cigarettes and how do you use them?

Introduced in the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that emulate smoking traditional combustible cigarettes. Often referred to as “vaping”, the act of using an e-cigarette occurs when the user or “vaper” draws on the device like they normally would with a traditional cigarette. When they draw on the e-cig an atomizer vaporizes the nicotine and converts the liquid into a smoke-like vapor that the user then inhales.

Also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes or vaporizers, electronic cigarettes allow the user to vape whenever and wherever they like. With no ash, no smell and no offensive secondhand smoke, vapers are able to enjoy their smoking habits without offending others.

When understanding electronic cigarette parts, the battery is the simplest part of the equation. Like most batteries, the e-cig battery is a lithium-ion battery. It provides power to the heating mechanism in the cartridge that creates the vapor you inhale and exhale.

The Cartridge is the most complex portion of the two e-cig parts. It contains a chamber that holds the nicotine that has been dissolved in propylene glycol. The cartridge also contains a heating coil that is activated only when the cartridge is screwed into the battery and the cartridge is inhaled, by pressing to the lips, simultaneously. While inhaling, the liquid nicotine is heated up and vaporized so that what you inhale and exhale is a vapor, not a smoke. This makes the evaporation of the vapor easy and there is no lingering smoke.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, which allows you to get your dose of nicotine without ingesting the 4,000 plus chemicals that you normally would with a combustible cigarette. You are also not inhaling over 40 known carcinogens that are found in the burning of tobacco. With the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, you experience the same oral fixation and hand-to-mouth action of smoking that you are accustomed to. METRO Electronic Cigarettes actually offer different levels of nicotine with their cartridges, including a 0.0% nicotine cartridge to help out those who truly enjoy the act of smoking without the nicotine.

How do electronic cigarettes work

A breakdown of how electronic cigarettes work.

A great way to introduce smokers into the e-cig market is the disposable electronic cigarette. At a value price, it’s an inexpensive way for current smokers to get acquainted with e-cigs and how to use them. Once they are familiar with how they work and want to delve deeper into the market, there are cartridge options and designer kits to satisfy their smoking needs. One great thing about using the cartridges is that they are cheaper than traditional cigarettes and the amount of waste is considerably lower than traditional cigs too. Also, some companies like METRO Electronic Cigarettes offer a recycling program that rewards the consumer with free cartridges after turning so many in, which helps keep the e-waste out of landfills.

With the FDA considering new regulation on e-cigarettes and big tobacco emerging into the electronic cigarette world, the e-cig buzz is proving to be more than a fad. Since it’s introduction in 2007, sales of electronic cigarettes have nearly doubled every year and there is no sign of slowing down in the future. From one-time disposables to custom designer kits, make sure to offer your customers an e-cig brand that allows many options to meet their smoking needs all while increasing your bottom line.



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CASAA Call to Action!

(From CASAA Vice President Kristin Noll-Marsh)

E-cigarettes and other Tobacco Harm Reduction Strategies: A collection of success stories

Are you fed up with the claim that “there is no evidence” that e-cigarettes, snus, or other low-risk tobacco/nicotine products help people quit smoking?  We are, too.  It is obviously wrong, since every individual story of how e-cigarettes helped someone quit smoking (especially after many failed attempts using other methods) is such evidence! When CASAA fights against restrictions on e-cigarettes at the state and local level, we almost always win. The main reason for that is because CASAA members turn out and tell the lawmakers about how e-cigarettes were the reason they quit smoking.  Most people understand evidence like that!

Did you quit using one of these safer alternatives?
Tell us about your success story! With this in mind, CASAA is compiling these individual stories so that we can back that individual testimony with a large collection and make it impossible for anyone to keep pretending that there is “no evidence.”  We know that there are hundreds — perhaps thousands — of you who have succeeded with tobacco harm reduction (THR) using e-cigarettes, snus, or other products and have already written your stories for testimony, letters to the editor or web posts.  Thousands more have their own success stories that have never been reported.  We want to collect those stories!

If you are someone who quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes or any other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine product, please go to our testimonials collection page (click here) and tell us your story in your own words.

If you have already written your story, you can copy and paste it and this will only take a few minutes.  (There is just one page of quick, simple questions followed by a box to paste your story into.)  If you have not already written your story, this is a good opportunity to do so; it will take a bit more time than some of the check box surveys you may have already done, but it is worth it:  These personal stories have proven to be the most powerful means of convincing doubters!

For those who are interested in receiving updates about this project or joining CASAA, you will also find information about those in the survey.

Thank you for your contribution to this project.  We are confident that it will really make a difference!

Please forward and repost/share this anywhere that seems appropriate.


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We’re proud to announce that we are sponsoring the 16th Annual KS 107.5 FM Summer Jam at Fiddler’s Green in Denver, CO. We will be on hand to pass out product and educate everyone that comes through our booth. If you’re in the Denver area on June 7th and are attending Summer Jam, make sure to stop by our booth and get some goodies. We’ll be passing out different e-cig samples as well as offering a contest to win Finite Headphones every 10 minutes and 75 seconds (11 minutes and 15 seconds). Looking forward to a great time and seeing everyone at Summer Jam 2013.



Expand Your Offering. Expand Your Profits.

By Lucas McDonough

The Tobacco Industry is a large and booming industry that hasn’t changed much over the course of time. Granted, the FDA has required the Tobacco Industry to do this and do that and has affected everything from advertising to packaging. Essentially though, the industry has stayed the same. Until now.

The electronic cigarette is the game changer that this industry needs.

Being compared to what the energy drink did to the beverage industry a few years back, the electronic cigarette is making waves in the giant ocean that is the Tobacco Industry. With e-cig sales doubling every year since 2008, sales are projected to reach $1 Billion in 2013. “Consumption of e-cigs may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade,” predicts Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog. “And they’ll only evolve and improve as time goes forward — at far less risk. The technology portion of it is sort of like Apple. This is just Version 1.”[1]  METRO Electronic Cigarettes offer everything you would need to attract new and current customers. From a variety of P.O.S. display options to a vast array of e-cigs and accessories, the METRO lineup of products will fit perfectly into your existing offering.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in a recent study that 21% of adults who smoke regular cigarettes had used e-cigs in 2011, up from 10% in 2010. About 6% of all adults have tried e-cigarettes, nearly doubling from 2010, according to the CDC. [2] With rates like these, you can easily see the shift from traditional smoking to that of e-smoking or vaping.

With METRO’s wide variety of packaging and options comes a wider affordability gap. E-cigs are offered in disposable options, as well as cartridges in bulk and designer cases allowing the consumer a plethora of buying options to satisfy their e-cigarette experience. The wide variety of options allows for higher profit margins than that of traditional cigarettes.

There’s never been a better time than right now to expand your current offering to include electronic cigarettes. And don’t just offer one brand. Offer 3 to 4 different brands that have numerous options to maximize your potential consumer purchases. By expanding your offering, you will be expanding your profits. Don’t be left in the smoke, get your slice of the e-cig pie while it’s still hot.



Reduce. Reuse. Reycle. ReVape.

By Lucas McDonough

e-cigarette recycling program

METRO Electronic Cigarette Recycling Program

In today’s world, what you do, what you use and how you dispose of things affects everything around you. It is important to be mindful of those you encounter and your impact on the Earth. From recycling your soda cans to riding a bike instead of driving, these little things actually add up to something much greater and will benefit you for years to come.

When comparing regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes there is waste for both. However, regular cigarettes produce much more waste than e-cigs do. One regular e-cigarette is equal to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. That is approximately 30 cigarette butts that will have to be disposed of.  The chances of them actually getting properly disposed of or recycled is very low. Cigarette butts actually account for 37% of highway litter, based on the number of pieces per mile of roadway. And while many people actually think cigarette butts are bio-degradable, they are not. The problem is not just the litter, but also the toxicity the butts release into the environment.

percentage of cigarette butt litter

Cigarette Butt Highway Litter

Currently, there are various public efforts taking off in starting recycling programs for cigarette butts. Everything from cities paying a penny per butt to fining $100 for littering, proper cigarette disposal is on everyone’s radars.

One way to stay off of the cigarette butt radar is with the electronic cigarette.

Not only do e-cigarettes reduce the amount of waste, you won’t find people just throwing their used batteries or cartridges on the ground. In fact, METRO Electronic Cigarettes actually offer a recycling program for their used cartridges and batteries.

Turn in 3 dead batteries or 3 used disposables and you’ll get one FREE, respectively. Also, METRO offers the consumer to be able to recycle their used cartridges where you get 3 FREE cartridges for recycling 30 used ones.

Do your part and get rewarded with METRO Electronic Cigarettes.

- Lucas


Electronic Cigarette Research Fund by CASAA

casaa-researchIn February the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) announced that they would be launching a research fund for electronic cigarettes. Their mission is “to support scientific research work that furthers our missions of protecting access to and educating consumers about smoke-free alternatives and tobacco harm reduction”.

This new research fund does not thwart any of CASAA’s current efforts to protect e-cigarettes in our communities. They will continue to have advocate representatives in each city and state where volunteers become available. Their current political efforts will not be interrupted.

However, since they will not be allocating any current resources to this fund, they are asking for donations. Originally, in February they were trying to reach their goal of $15,000, they have since hit that target, however in order to continue the research it will take an ongoing donation from vapers and e-cig advocates like you. As new research projects are finalized, CASAA will announce what the new funds will actually be funding! It is pretty exciting, really.

If you are interested in helping fund this research, please visit the CASAA Research Fund page. Please note that if you are a current supporter of CASAA, any donations made are not currently supporting these research efforts – separate donations are needed in order to continue to fund both CASAA and the research fund separately.

We welcome you to read more about “E-cigarette chemistry, as review of the research and analysis of its health implications” on the CASAA website. The purpose of this research fund is to disspell all the political spins that have crowded out the science about ecigs.

- Jessica

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Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Industry Influencers

While I would be honored if you remember my name in the electronic cigarette industry as time goes on, I am definitely, by no means, one of the top influencers in the e-cig industry. So, since that is the case, lets talk about those people you definitely want to listen to and watch out for news from! We will start from bottom to top.

paulbergen5. Paul Bergen – Alberta, Canada

Mr. Bergen is a member of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute of the University of Alberta, Canada. He is regularly stepping in to speak on the behalf of e-cigarettes and their users. You will find frequent blogs from him in the News and Opinions section of University’s site. He is also well known for being a myth buster in the e-cig industry. Mr. Bergen is also the co-author of Electronic Cigarettes: What the Experts Say.

When asked about the controversy in the e-cigarette industry, Mr. Bergen had the following to say, “some people…are vehemently anti-smoking and will fight any product that makes smoking more acceptable.” Good point! And we definitely find that to be the case everywhere.

murraylaugesen4. Dr. Murray Laugesen – New Zealand

Dr. Laugesen actually founded Health New Zealand and has more experience in the tobacco industry than most – over 18 years! He has worked as a researcher for tobacco policies and cigarettes in general for many years. He written over 40 research papers on the subject of tobacco and cigarettes and also founded End Smoking NZ – a charitable organization dedicated to ending smoking altogether by 2025.

Since the rise of electronic cigarettes, Dr. Laugesen has taken a keen interest. He has become one of the most prominent voices in the industry, to date.

scottballin3. Scott Ballin – Washington DC

Coming in at number 3 is Mr. Scott Ballin, from Washington DC. He is active in the tobacco community and a health policy consultant. He also runs the Tobacco at a Crossroads alliance. He has not been extremely involved in research for the electronic cigarette, but he is deeply involved with the policies of it all. He has been VP for Public Policy and Legislative Counsel at the American Heart Association and the chairman for the Coalition on Smoking OR Health.

Mr. Ballin is very outspoken in his opinions of modernizing tobacco laws so that they account for products like electronic cigarettes. He is the current advisor at the University of Virginia on a series of harm reduction dialogues.

michaelsiegel2. Professor Michael Siegel - Boston, MA

It is no surprise that Professor Michael Siegel is on this list. If you have followed the e-cigarette industry at all, you will definitely recognize this name! Professor Siegel has made it his life’s ambition (more recently) to debunk all the myths that are spread about e-cigarettes. There is no one who spends more scientific time researching e-cigarettes than this man. He plays a very important role in the e-cig industry, including his highly coveted blog, Tobacco Analysis (if you don’t read it, you should!). His blog always provides readers with the “other side of the story” (since we know there are always two sides).

Siegel is one of the few to stand up to the FDA’s claims about electronic cigarettes and their content of carcinogens, saying that, “based on the same logic (about e-cigs) peanut butter would also have to be banned.” He is often featured in the media defending e-cigs.

carlphillips1. Professor Carl Phillips – Alberta, Canada

Professor Phillips and Professor Siegel definitely come close to tying. If I could assign #1 to both, I would. Professor Phillips is world renowned as it pertains to tobacco control. He has been a part of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute at the University of Alberta Canada. He is a very important voice in the science community that has put a lot of time and research into smokeless cigarettes.

He’s been interviewd on Discovery Network’s Daily Planet and regularly posts on his Anti-THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction) Lie of the Day blog. He’s very vocal about his opinions on electronic cigarettes and is often quoted across the internet in research and studies you will read.

Well, there you have it. Make sure to keep an eye and ear out for these names as you continue your walk through the your life as a vaper!

- Jessica

A special thank you to Ecigarette Reviewed for posting this information for us to read and write about.

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Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes & Other Products We Consume

Nitrosamines in Electronic CigarettesThe initial analysis of electronic cigarette cartridges in 2009, revealed that the liquid in e-cigarettes contains nitrosamines. This minor finding is what started all the red flags with the electronic cigarette industry over the last few years. But what exactly did the scientists find, you ask? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Nitrosamines found were below recommeneded guidelines
  • Levels were 14,000 times lower than those found in Marlboro cigarettes
  • They were NOT detected in the vapor of e-cigs, just the ingredients
  • Nothing else was found – just nitrosamines

So, now you wonder, well what is a nitrosamine? Sounds scary – maybe. Truthfully, you are regularly exposed to nitrosamines through nitrates in your food and your water. Even filtered drinking water contains traces of nitrosamines. For those chocolate lovers out there, even chocolate contains nitrates.

Since nitrates cannot be eliminated altogether, governments have set “allowable” amounts – here in the US, that is 60 parts per billion. To put this into perspective and how it relates to electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs have 8 parts per billion, compared to the 11,190 parts per billion that tobacco cigarettes have. Most nicotine patches also come in at 8 parts per billion.

To read more about this study on nitrosamines, visit the Ashtray Blog’s post on Nitrosamines and Electronic Cigarettes.

- Jessica

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