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5 E-Cig Products to Get Your Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend. Do you know what you are getting your father for his special day? You may have a few things in mind, such as a watch, personalized calendar, or maybe a vehicle, but what about a few e-cigarette products?

E-cig products have taken over the market of tobacco cigarettes, and offer a healthier, more beneficial alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Purchasing e-cig products for Father’s Day is a great way to help your father kick the habit of smoking or help your father continue to remain tobacco smoke free. There are five e-cig products that you may want to acknowledge as great gifts for Father’s Day.

1. Platinum Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
You could purchase a standard e-cig starter kit, but your dad deserves more! Give him more this Father’s Day by purchasing the Platinum Electronic Cigarette Starter kit. This starter kit is available with or without menthol. This electronic cigarette starter kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, one USB and one wall charger, ten cartridges, car charger, and a tin carrying case. Whether you decide to purchase the traditional or menthol e-cig platinum kit, both of these kits come available with two different cartridge types, such as five 1.8% nicotine cartridges and 1.2% nicotine cartridges.

2. Chargers
Since electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries, it may be in your best interest to purchase an e-cig charger. If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette charger there is, you want the Metro Recharge Pack. The Metro Recharge Pack includes two rechargeable batteries and one recharge case. The recharge pack can be plugged into the wall. The Metro Recharge Pack is the most convenient option because it includes a micro USB port that makes car charging easier, and a USB port for USB charging on a computer.

3. Batteries
Batteries are another item that will be perfect for a Father’s Day gift. You may want to consider the Nicotek Metro Replacement battery. This high-tech battery is the only battery that your father will need. The Nicotek battery is compatible with every Metro product, and it will last as long as one year with proper care.

4. Clothing
There’s no better way to say congratulations on your father’s change and accomplishments of kicking the habit on Father’s Day than with a t-shirt. Let your dad show the world he has the courage to quit smoking with a Metro Electronic Cigarette t-shirt. The world should know and acknowledge his great achievement! Kicking the habit of smoking is not easy.

5. Designer Packaging
When you want to get your dad an awesome Father’s Day gift that doesn’t cost an arm and leg, the designer packaging is a great item for this situation. If your dad is a hunter, purchase the camouflage designer pack. If your dad has style, but keeps it plain and simple, the midnight designer pack or the tin pack will suffice awesomely. If your dad is the ultimate father, on Father’s Day, give your dad the Metro Stealth designer pack. Your dad can walk around in style while enjoying his tobacco-free life.


The Top 5 Reasons Why People Start Using E-Cigs

Whether you are an experienced smoker or a newcomer to the nicotine scene, using e-cigarettes is a perfect way to attain that nicotine rush you crave without all the associated chemicals in traditional cigarettes. There are many reasons why people choose an e-cig over a cigarette. Take a look at some of the top reasons people enjoy vaping as opposed to smoking. Some of the reasons may surprise you, making e-cigs an attractive alternative.

No Widespread Vaping Laws

Everywhere you go, there seems to be a sign noting non-smoking areas. It’s nearly impossible to find a designated smoking area when you’re in a rush. One of the main reasons why people use an e-cig is the freedom to vape. Because you exhale vapor, rather than smoke, you are technically free to vape almost anywhere. If that nicotine craving strikes you, there’s no concern about searching for a smoking area. You simply look for an open area that allows the vapor to dissipate quickly to be courteous to others. Please note – there are a few cities and states that have implemented bans on public vaping. Be sure to check your local government’s laws before vaping in public.

Controlling Nicotine Intake

Traditional cigarettes only offer a fixed nicotine amount that may vary between manufacturers. One of the other reasons why people choose an e-cig is the controlled nicotine level. With concentrations varying from 0mg to 24mg, you have the power to have as much or as little nicotine as you like. If you’re using e-cigs to quit smoking, you use the nicotine levels as a way to wean yourself off. Or you may just want a smaller nicotine amount for personal reasons. E-cigs give you freedom of selection unlike fixed nicotine amounts in traditional cigarettes.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the major reasons why people select an e-cig is for environmental concerns. Cigarette butts are found almost everywhere, contributing to landfill volumes and environmental harm. E-cigs are either disposable or reusable. Even if you select a disposable model, you can always recycle the internal battery to reduce waste. Reusable models lower environmental damage by reducing litter, along with saving you money. You simply need to buy the e-juice rather than buying a whole pack of traditional cigarettes that can add up in price.

Safer For Loved Ones

You may have a spouse or children at home that are bothered by traditional cigarette smoke. One of the other reasons why an e-cig is a smart choice is the exhaled vapor. When a smoker exhales, smoke full of chemicals and harmful substances fills a room. When you vape, you inhale the nicotine and exhale the water vapor. It evaporates in an instant, leaving no residual toxins in the air. You can vape at home without concern about second-hand smoke.

The Flavors

Although some traditional cigarettes have added flavoring, nothing compares to the flavor selections in e-juice. From chocolate to tropical fruits, you can conceivably have a new flavor every day to make vaping a unique pleasure. People who abhor smoking, but enjoy the nicotine rush, often choose e-cigs as a way to enjoy a flavorful taste, along with controlled nicotine intake.

Everyone has a personal reason for starting e-cigs, but most of them are concerned about their health, the environment and other people’s comfort level. Try an e-cig to see the difference it makes for your nicotine needs.

Faze Vapor E-Liquid

Faze Vapor E-Liquids


How to Know what Strength E-Cig Cartridge to Buy

When buying an e-cig, you’ll have a choice of flavors, but also a choice of nicotine strengths. Nicotine strengths for e-cigs are stated in milligrams or percentages, and they can be confusing for smokers who are accustomed to the tar and nicotine measurements on cigarette packages. Tar isn’t a factor in e-cigs, but nicotine measurements can be compared to cigarettes so you can get a good idea of what level to start with.

It’s generally best to start with an e-cig cartridge that has similar nicotine content to the brand of cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke “light” cigarettes you may want a low medium nicotine e-cig cartridge; a “full” or “regular” cigarette is equivalent to a high nicotine e-cig cartridge. Common percentages you’ll see on e-cig packages include:

High – 1.8%

1.8% is approximately 18 mg. This is considered high, but e-cig cartridges can be even higher, at 2% or slightly more. Be wary of claims of very high nicotine content, as this could be dangerous. Comparable to “red” cigarettes.

Light – 1.2%

A nicotine content of 1.2% or approximately 12 mg is good for smokers of “light” cigarettes. Often such cigarettes come in a blue package, and likewise, many e-cigs in this range will be called a blue variety or compared to “blue” cigarettes.

Ultra-Light or Low – 0.6%

Comparable to ultra-light cigarettes, these contain very little nicotine. Gold-colored packages are often associated with this level of nicotine.

Tobacco flavored cartridges for e-cigs

Metro Traditional Tobacco Cartridges for Electronic Cigarettes

Another option in e-cigs that does not exist in tobacco cigarettes is zero nicotine. A zero nicotine e-cigarette cartridge is full flavored, but expect it to deliver less throat hit (the sensation in the back of the throat when inhaling) than e-cigarettes that contain nicotine. The higher the nicotine content in your e-cig, the more throat hit you’ll get.

Many e-cig users start out at a nicotine level that compares to their current brand of tobacco cigarettes, and then gradually switch to a lower level e-cig cartridge, ultimately kicking the nicotine habit and vaping zero nicotine cartridges.

If you’re interested in buying a disposable e-cig to start with, you’ll find that there are not as many options in nicotine content with disposables as there are with rechargeable e-cigs. Disposables are rarely available in a zero nicotine variety. Often they are limited to a high level or medium level only. Many disposables are one-piece devices that do not have a removable e-cig cartridge that can be refilled.


April Product of the Month

Metro 36ct M100 Cartridges

Our METRO 1.8% Strength Traditional Tobacco Flavored E-Cig Cartridges, in bulk packages, are amongst the highest quality electronic cigarette cartridges in the industry. Each flavor cartridge includes a built-in vaporizer, so every time you need to change out a cartridge you are getting a new vaporizer!

Each Cartridge is equivalent to approximately 1.5 – 2 packs of traditional cigarettes or 300 puffs. This approximation depends on each vaper’s individual vaping habits and inhalation strength.

Now available in our convenient 36ct Bulk Packs – a 17% savings over buying our 3ct packages individually!

Each Cartridge contains 1.8% nicotine by volume.

Tobacco flavored cartridges for e-cigs

Metro Traditional Tobacco Cartridges for Electronic Cigarettes

To read about proper vaping techniques, read our: How to Vape an E-Cig web page.



How Do You Inhale an Electronic Cigarette?

Figuring out e-cigarettes can be difficult for a new user. When you are so used to smoking a paper wrapped tobacco cigarette with a filter, you can often get frustrated when trying your first e-cigarette. Many people actually get discouraged to the point that they go back to traditional cigarettes. We have asked around and done some research and have some tips for those that are new to e-cigs and just can’t understand why vaping an e-cig is different than smoking a cigarette.

Cig-a-like E-Cigarette

Typical Electronic Cigarette

So you pickup your cig-a-like e-cigarette and it sure looks like a cigarette so why wouldn’t you smoke it like one? Right? Well, no, wrong. They are made to look like cigarettes for the mental comfort of “having a cigarette in your hand” but the components are different so therefore they need to be smoked/vaped differently. One is paper with a filter, tobacco and a flame; the other is a lithium-ion battery that heats liquid nicotine and forms a vapor. If you find yourself smoking your e-cigarette the way you smoke a traditional cigarette, you are doing something wrong. As a matter of fact, if you vape your e-cig as you smoke your cigarette you will find yourself with a sore throat, sore lungs, an incessant cough and irritation in your mouth and throat.

So how do you actually inhale an e-cigarette then? Follow some basic steps and you will be well on your way to a happy vaping experience:

1. Do not draw the vapor directly into your lungs as you would a cigarette. Instead, draw it into your mouth (use your cheeks as a vacuum) and then inhale into your lungs if desired. If you’ve ever smoked a cigar, the concept is similar. The vapor does not have to be inhaled and probably won’t have the desired effect if inhaled.

2. After drawing the vapor into your mouth, hold it there for about 4-5 seconds before either inhaling into the lungs or exhaling through your mouth or nose.

3. When drawing the vapor into your mouth, make sure you do so slow and steady. Pulling hard as you would on a cigarette actually causes the heater coil to malfunction. The heater coil works when air is gently drawn across it. Pulling hard will also cause the liquid to be drawn directly into your mouth – a very unpleasant experience indeed.

4. Nicotine can only penetrate by inhalation into the lungs on a traditional cigarette. However, with an e-cigarette, it absorbs through mucous membranes in the mouth, lungs and nose. If you do not inhale into the mouth first, then into the lungs and then out the nose, the nicotine absorption is much less and you will not have a satisfying experience.

5. The “effects” that a smoker is looking for is typically delivered in under 8 seconds with a traditional cigarette. Due to the mucous membrane absorption, e-cigarettes can take up to 30 seconds to take effect. This is often a frustration for new vapers, but when understood, can be adapted to.

Using this longer, but slower and less deep, inhalation method should cause your e-cig to last you between 1.5-2 packs of cigarettes. The longer your inhale, the shorter the lifespan of the cartridge.

E-Liquid with Personal Vaporizer

E-Liquid and Vaporizer


Spring Cleaning: Keeping your E-Cig like Brand New

All electronic cigarettes require a little maintenance and cleaning here and there. Remnants of flavor liquid can sometimes collect in the body. The battery could slowly stain the inside. The mouthpiece can even become partially blocked. All of these factors can potentially affect the taste of the vapor and the operation of the atomizer in the cartridge. As the time for spring-cleaning draws near, think about giving your electronic cigarette a thorough, much-needed cleanse.

Disassemble the Electronic Cigarette

The first step for a spring-cleaning is to completely disassemble the device and any accessories. Every part of the e-cig should be removed including the battery. It helps to lay them out on a dry towel so they do not roll away. Accessories like chargers or cases should be disassembled or opened as well, if possible.

Breaking down the parts of an E-Cig

The components of an E-Cig

Clean the Mouthpiece and Housing

The first thing to do during a good spring-cleaning is to clean the mouthpiece. This should be done with a paper towel or napkin that will not leave behind particles. The paper towel can be folded and twisted so it fits inside the mouthpiece. It can be dampened with some warm water and mild dish soap. Some people prefer to use isopropyl alcohol although this is not usually necessary. It is important to clean any liquid or buildup inside the mouthpiece since this can actually affect the taste and production of vapor. The outer housing of the e-cig should also be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Clean the Battery and Contacts

An important part of spring-cleaning is taking care of the battery. The battery should be wiped down with a dry cloth and examined closely. If there is white staining around the battery, then it is should be replaced immediately. The inside of the housing where the battery sits should be cleaned and examined as well. White staining or debris means the battery is corroding. The white substance can be removed with isopropyl alcohol on a stiff cotton swab. The battery contacts should also be cleaned so they are clear of any stray fluid or corrosion. This will keep the e-cig working efficiently.

Wipe Down or Replace the Cartridge

If there is a cartridge in the e-cig, then it should be wiped down. This should include the threads on the bottom that are screwed into the cigarette. Cartridges that seem to be leaking should be replaced to protect the battery. Fluid left inside can accumulate over time and alter the taste of new liquids, so be sure it is dried completely.

Check and Clean the Charger

Part of your in-depth spring-cleaning should include making sure the charger is in good shape. The charger should be wiped down like the other components of the e-cig. The cord and connections should be cleaned carefully with a dry or barely damp paper towel. Chargers with frayed or damaged cords should be replaced for safety.

Be Careful When Using Cotton Swabs

Always be careful when using cotton swabs to clean an e-cig. Some swabs will tear and leave strips of cotton behind inside the body. This can cause problems with the vapor and could even affect the battery. The cigarette should be checked for stray pieces of cotton or paper towel after cleaning.



The Most Common E-Cigarette Myths

E-cigarettes are the best thing to happen since the proverbial sliced bread. However, in spite of this, there are many e-cigarette myths that confuse smokers as well as the general public. There’s no point in making an opinion based on pure fiction. Here are the facts to set several of those common e-cigarette misconceptions straight.

E-Cig Myths and Facts

Electronic Cigarettes Myths Debunked

E-cigarettes are as harmful as regular cigarettes because they contain nicotine.
This is simply not true. Yes, nicotine is addictive, but the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes are due to their containment of tobacco and other chemicals not confined in electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are dangerous because the ingredients are not known.
For any reputable company, this assumption is not true. All trustworthy manufacturers will disclose their ingredients, which you can freely research further for more information. The most common ingredients found in e-liquids include nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol (both proponents found in a variety of household, food and health products) and optional flavorings.

E-cigarette vapor is the same as second-hand smoke.
This statement is absolutely not true however public a belief it may be. The vapor produced from electronic cigarettes contains no tobacco byproduct. It is not even a smoke, rather a water vapor that is harmless to bystanders and evaporates almost immediately.

E-cigarette vapor is made with anti-freeze.
This is one of the most wide spread e-cigarette myths that is also incredibly false. Anti-freeze is a highly toxic chemical, and any e-cigarette company incorporating this ingredient would be liable for lawsuits.

The marketing for e-cigarettes is aimed at teenagers and children.
The same rules apply to purchasing e-cigarettes as they do with tobacco products. The flavors and packaging may be attractive to any age group, but the manufacturers of e-cigarettes do not aim specifically towards minors. Statistics show that most e-cigarette users are smokers between 30 and 50 years old.

E-cigarettes are more addictive than regular cigarettes because the amount of nicotine is higher.
This is an odd myth as the nicotine level in electronic cigarettes is completely controlled by the user. E-cigarettes actually deliver less nicotine than regular cigarettes, as users commonly reduce their levels of nicotine consumption in hopes of eventually weaning themselves from the addictive drug. This is one reason e-cigs are tremendously helpful when trying to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes commonly explode.
A good quality e-cigarette that is used according to its instructions will not explode. They are manufactured to be safe for its users and as long as they are handled with care, will continue to be so. It should be recognized, however, that all devices containing lithium batteries could potentially explode, including cell phones.

E-cigarettes do not help people stop smoking.
According to a survey that was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 31 percent of 222 respondents who use e-cigarettes were still not smoking cigarettes, six months after they made the switch. Some of the people in the study said that they had tried to quit smoking several other times and weren’t successful until they tried the e-cigarette. Of the people who had not smoked after six months, 34.3 percent were also not using e-cigarettes or other products that contain nicotine. The consensus is that these devices can save lives because they can help heavy smokers quit.


Evolution of the Electronic Cigarette

Early History

In the late 1960s, Herbert Gilbert dreamed of a mechanical cigarette that did not contain tobacco or emit smoke. He filed a patent for his idea in the United States in 1963. That patent was accepted and remains on record with the United States Patent Office. Herbert did talk with multiple manufacturers throughout the late 1960s regarding his innovative idea, but his tobacco-free, smokeless cigarette was never introduced to the market.

Though the design originally suggested in this patent is different from the e-cigarettes sold today, this was the starting point for the idea of smoking cigarettes without tobacco. Herbert’s design included a removable tip that would take on the flavor of a cigarette or other things, such as root beer. The user would replace the tip in order to enjoy different flavors.

mechanical cigarette from the 1960's

Herbert Gilbert’s Original E-cig Design

The E-Cigarette Hits the Market       

It wasn’t until 2003 that someone else took the concept of an electronic cigarette and introduced it to consumers. Hon Lik took out a patent for an electronic cigarette and started selling his product in China. He created a business named Ruyan, which means “resembling smoke” in Chinese. This was the first model of the modern e-cigarette ever to hit the market, and it was the inspiration for the many e-cigs currently selling around the world.

What made Hon Lik’s electronic cigarette different from the cigarette patented by Herbert Gilbert was the presence of a vapor that looked like the smoke emitted from a real cigarette. Rather than just flavoring a replaceable tip, Hon Lik developed a liquid that contained nicotine. This liquid was heated and inhaled into the lungs. Inhalation was not a factor with the original patent created by Herbert Gilbert.

Hon Lik also created the design for a plastic reservoir that held the liquid before it was heated and released as vapor. This was a big departure from the more basic design suggested by Herbert Gilbert. This newer model also recommended propylene glycol as a method of diluting the nicotine in the liquid. The world was one step closer to eliminating the harmful effects of tobacco without giving up the pleasures of smoking.

The Modern E-Cigarette

Once Hon Lik’s model for the electronic cigarette hit the market, other manufacturers and inventors were stimulated to start using the technology he created. This is what created the competitive market for electronic cigarettes that is experienced around the world today.

Manufacturers are expanding the original technology created by Hon Lik in order to create more functional electronic cigarettes. For instance, the mini e-cigarette is now quite popular. The electronic cigarettes that many people purchase today are thinner than the cigarette model originally created for the Chinese market. Many look like real cigarettes while others have more stylish designs that look almost nothing like a real cigarette.

Modern e-cigs often use cartridges that contain the liquid before it is heated and released as vapor. The range of available flavors is quite impressive, and most manufacturers have their own flavors on the market.


How to get your Boss to let you Vape in the Office

Vaping, or using an electronic cigarette, is a new pastime that affords people the same enjoyment as smoking without any of the harmful side effects. As a result, many people do not see any reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to vape in the office environment.

The first step in the process of getting permission to vape in the office is to inform the boss about the specifics of e-cigarettes. You can start by printing out some research to have facts that back up your argument. Enlighten the boss that, contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes are not a tobacco product and instead these devices contain a special liquid known as e-liquid. This e-liquid is made out of propylene glycol, special flavorings that are safe to ingest, glycerin from vegetables, and nicotine. Once the liquid is inside of e-cigarette, it is heated to create water vapor that is then inhaled.

Follow up this information by providing some of these persuasive reasons why e-cigs should be perfectly acceptable to smoke in the office.

vape at work

Is Vaping allowed at your work?

There’s No Smoke
Electronic cigarettes don’t produce any annoying smoke, commonly associated with traditional cigarettes. Although there is a substance that is produced by the e-cigarette, it is merely harmless water vapor as opposed to a harmful element. Because of the lack of primary or secondhand smoke, an e-cigarette poses no threat to the vaper or those around them.

There’s No Smell
One of the early objections to smoking, before anyone figured out that smoking was actually harmful to a person’s well being, was the smell. People don’t like the way that smoking smells, mostly because the potent odor often lingers on the clothes of the person smoking, as well as the clothes of those who are in the vicinity. However, when a person vapes, he or she does not produce the obnoxious tobacco scent created by cigarettes, rather a much more subtle and usually rather pleasant scent of whichever flavor is being vaped.

Increased Productivity
You can make a case for allowing vaping in the office by simply pointing out that you would be saving a great deal of office time by not having to walk outside to take constant smoke breaks. Many offices allow people to take these breaks regularly, however, they add up to a great deal of time spent away from the desk…crucial time in which work could be getting done. In order to recover some of this time, being allowed to vape at your desk would avoid numerous smoke breaks.

Improved Focus
Many people rely on the nicotine in an e-cig as a way to calm themselves down or better focus on their work, a known side effect of nicotine. By improving concentration, a person is able to get more done in a shorter amount of time, allowing him or her to be more productive. Combining improved focus with less smoke breaks will allow a person to maximize his or her working potential.


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