A Closer Look at Nicotine

Nicotine has been under fire with the Food and Drug Administration for some time now. It is one of the ingredients in tobacco cigarettes; however, the many benefits it provides are rarely, if ever, addressed by groups attempting to outlaw its use. Not only does it have numerous positive aspects, it is also very comparable to caffeine, a drug that is not given nearly as much slack.

Benefits of Nicotine

Effective uses for this product include staving off depression and battling anxiety. These are two of the reasons that people begin to smoke traditional cigarettes. It is a known anti-depressant that can help keep nervous reactions to bad situations to a minimum. Long-term memory is aided with the use of the product, and it can even help people concentrate longer on the tasks as hand. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, weight gain and Parkinson’s disease are also prevented with the use of this product.

Similarities between Nicotine and Caffeine

Both products can increase the heart rate and cause nausea when used in large doses, causing those part of the anti-smoking campaign to want related products of every sort to be banned. It is a curious thing that caffeine products are not in danger of being banned, and the business is growing by leaps and bounds, even though it presents the same minimal dangers that nicotine contains. Neither product is available in doses high enough to cause the detrimental effects that the government says it is concerned about with nicotine products.

tobacco plant field

A Field of tobacco plants, where nicotine comes from.

Dangers of Tobacco Cigarettes Compared to Electronic Cigarettes

Many people who smoke tobacco products have been unable to give up the habit of smoking. E-cigarettes offer an alternative to smoking without the many dangerous chemicals found in tobacco products. There are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. Among those chemicals, approximately 70 cause cancer. Polonium 210, arsenic and carbon monoxide are some of the most dangerous of those chemicals.

Electronic cigarettes contain three ingredients. Propylene Glycol and Glycerin are the two main ingredients, each used in many common products that are ingested by human beings. The same can be said for the flavoring used in some of these products. The final ingredient is nicotine, and is added only in varying low doses.

There is little to no danger in suffering from serious health issues as a result of using products that contain low doses of nicotine. People who have had a difficult time quitting smoking tobacco products can find relief in the form of vapor products. Since electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and as the similarities between nicotine and caffeine remain so similar, government interference for e-cigs should, in our opinion, reflect the same regulations as caffeine products.


E-Cig Battery Lifespan

If you are going to be investing in an electronic cigarette for the first time, you are probably curious about all of the parts and accessories that you will need to purchase. Many people get confused about the batteries that are used with electronic cigarettes, but they work pretty simply and are very similar to any other rechargeable battery. Some people also worry that they will have to replace their batteries frequently, but they can actually last for a reasonably long time if you take good care of them.

What is the Average Lifespan of an E-Cig Battery?

Different electronic cigarette batteries have different lifespans; there are large batteries that can be charged and used many times, but they often result in an electronic cigarette that is much larger than many people prefer. The average battery can be expected to last for approximately 300 charges. You can make your battery last even longer than this if you take good care of it.

The amount of weeks or months this will take will depend on you and how often you use your electronic cigarette. If you are a light user, you might only have to charge your battery once or twice a day. If you are a heavier user, however, you might end up charging it once every three or four hours. Even so, your battery should last you for a relatively long period of time, and they don’t cost much to replace when they are no longer in good condition.

Nicotek E-Cig Battery

A Battery for METRO Electronic Cigarettes from Nicotek.

How to Take Proper Care of Your E-Cig Battery

Taking care of your battery is a lot easier than you think. First of all, remember that your battery’s first charge is the most important. When you first receive it, you should use it until it is completely drained of power before you ever charge it. Then, you should charge it until it is completely charged. By following these steps, you can greatly increase the lifespan of your electronic cigarette battery.

Also, remember to carefully remove any excess liquid that might get on your battery terminal; you can do this each time that you charge it. It’s also a good idea to clean all of the dirt and grime that gets in and around the screws fairly often. These steps only take a couple of minutes, but they can make a big difference in how long you will be able to enjoy your electronic cigarette battery.

Have you ever looked at your car battery and noticed the “white gunk” that builds up around it? Maybe you’ve never lifted the hood of your car, but you’ve seen a battery that has a white build-up or deposit around it – perhaps in an old electronics piece you have lying around? That’s called corrosion. Since your smokeless cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery, it can also build up that same kind of deposit.

Because it affects performance, it’s important to know how to clean e-cig battery corrosion. Follow the five simple steps for cleaning e-cigarette battery corrosion and restore your battery like it was brand new. You only need two common household items for cleaning e-cig battery “gunk” – a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Cleaning e-cig battery corrosion will efficiently rejuvenate your vaping experience and ensure months of continued enjoyment.
Click here for more detailed instructions.

Other Tips

It’s recommended that you invest in an extra battery for your electronic cigarette; then, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the experience while your battery is charging. Batteries for electronic cigarettes are affordable, so it shouldn’t set you back too much to invest in an extra one, and you can expect to enjoy both of your batteries for a long time as long as you take proper care of them.

Also, remember to recycle your batteries when you cannot use them anymore. Nicotek offers a great battery recycling program, which rewards you for recycling!



Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?

Whether you have been smoking for years or only a short period of time, you probably already know how important it is to put the cigarettes down and quit this harmful habit. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to quit smoking. Although you might be feeling frustrated with yourself for having a difficult time with this seemingly easy task, it is important to understand the many reasons why it is so hard to quit this destructive routine.

Nicotine Addiction Can Be Very Powerful

First of all, it is important to understand the physical effects that go along with quitting smoking. Traditional cigarettes include nicotine, which is highly addictive. Once your body is addicted to it, it craves it on a regular basis.

Therefore, you can go through a pretty rough withdrawal period after quitting smoking. These withdrawals can make you physically uncomfortable or even temporarily ill, and they can cause you to have a very strong craving for cigarettes. From headaches and nausea to insomnia, irritability and more, the withdrawal symptoms that go along with quitting can be difficult to handle, especially at first.

Smoking Cigarettes Becomes a Habit

Along with the physical effects that go along with smoking, the act of lighting up and puffing on a cigarette can become a practice you become all too accustom to. When you try to quit smoking, you might miss the hand-to-mouth and puffing actions that you are so familiar with.

Social Situations can make it Harder

If you have a lot of friends or family members who smoke, quitting can be even harder. Being around others who smoke can make it highly tempting to grab a cigarette and light up. The people around you might even encourage you to smoke, either directly or indirectly.

Quit smoking Cigarettes

Break Away From Traditional Cigarettes

There are Probably Triggers All Around You

There are a lot of things that can trigger cravings and make smoking seem much more appealing. Frequenting bars or going to parties where people will be smoking can make it more difficult to avoid cigarettes, and other things might trigger the habit as well. For example, if you are used to smoking while enjoying your coffee in the morning or while driving, it might be very difficult to avoid the habit when doing these things.

These are just a few of the many reasons why putting down cigarettes can be so hard, but there is one thing that you can try if you are ready to quit for good. Instead of trying to quit cold turkey or purchasing a nicotine patch, consider transitioning over to an electronic cigarette.

Ease your Way Out of It

Electronic cigarettes allow you to add your own nicotine, which means that you can choose how much you would like to intake each time that you puff on your device. Many people start out with an amount that is similar to what is found in normal cigarettes; then, they slowly add less and less until they have weaned themselves off of the substance. This allows you to gradually get accustomed to not smoking while reducing nicotine-related withdrawal symptoms.

E-cigarettes can also help you overcome many of the other challenges that go along with quitting smoking. Soft-tip electronic cigarettes have been developed to mimic the look and feel of traditional combustion cigarettes. Since electronic cigarette use simulates the use of traditional cigarettes, you don’t have to worry as much about environmental triggers, social situations or the physical habit. Instead, you can simply focus on cutting back on your nicotine intake while puffing on your favorite flavors.



Newbie E-Cig Term: Vaping

Over the past few decades, laws that ban smoking in public places and employer policies that forbid smoking in the workplace have left smokers with few satisfactory alternatives. Electronic cigarettes were invented to fill this gap. The latest versions have introduced a new word into the English language: vaping. Simply put, vaping is the process of turning a liquid into vapor by using heat.

What is an E-Cig?

Electronic cigarettes consist of three primary elements: the battery, the tank (also known as the clearomizer) and the mouthpiece. The rechargeable battery provides the power to heat the liquid in the tank. Users draw the vapor from the tank into their mouths through the mouthpiece. When the user exhales, smoke is released. However, unlike regular cigarettes, this smoke has no second-hand toxicity. There are no hazardous particles released and no unpleasant odors.

Faze Vaporizer Parts

How does it Work?

Vaping does not require the user to draw the vapor into their lungs to satisfy a craving for nicotine. Holding the vapor in the mouth allows the nicotine to be absorbed through the cheeks, tongue and gums. The nicotine then enters the bloodstream, and the body reacts to it just as it does nicotine absorbed through the lungs.

How about the E-liquid?

Although vaping is not smoking cessation, users can purchase the liquid in a variety of strengths, including liquids that contain no nicotine. Typically, users begin with the strength equivalent to the regular cigarettes they have been smoking. For example, if they are accustomed to unfiltered cigarettes, they might choose the 24 mg formula. If they normally smoke filtered cigarettes, they might choose an 16 mg formula. The different strengths allow users to reduce their nicotine intake if they so desire.

Vaping also allows users to select liquids that taste like their favorite flavors. Although menthol and tobacco flavors are available, a wide assortment of different flavors have been developed to allow users to vary their vaping experience. Coffee, peach, apple, grape, chocolate and watermelon are just a few of the different flavors offered.

Where to Begin?

Novice users normally select a starter kit that contains at least one complete electronic cigarette. They then select the flavor and strength of liquid they want to try. Experienced vapers can purchase rebuildable vaporizers that allow them to customize their vaping experience. They can select different types and configurations for wicks, change the size and location of air holes and alter the power used to heat the liquid. There are also a number of different mouthpieces, commonly called drip tips, available as well. These drip tips range from whimsical to elegant, and they allow the user to create a custom look that best fits their personality.


Break Free from Cigarettes and Switch to ECIGS

By Lucas McDonough

Breaking your addiction to traditional cigarettes can be tough, but there’s never been a better time to make the switch to electronic cigarettes than now. With e-cigs, you can vape pretty much anywhere. Electronic cigarettes have no ash, no carbon monoxide, no smell, and eliminates the possibility of burns and fires. Check out this cool infographic and make the switch today.

Electronic Cigarette Overview

Make the switch to electronic cigarettes today


Proper E-Cig Etiquette

By Lucas McDonough

Here are 9 simple rules of vaping e-cigs in public. While some of them may be common sense, others you may not even think about. By following these simple guidelines you are taking a step in the right direction for e-cigs. If you don’t follow these rules, then you could be hurting the progression that the electronic cigarette has made.

If a situation ever arises that you are unsure if it is okay to use your electronic cigarette, just ask someone. Better to ask and get permission than to cause a scene by using an e-cig where you can’t.

Infographic by: Mike Nudelman

9 Social Norms for E-cigs

9 Social Norms for E-cigs

9. Puffing on your e-cigarette at the movies is not allowed

8. Do not vape at the dinner table.

7. Refrain from vaping in an open office.

6. Don’t vape in the bathroom.

5. Vaping isn’t for quitters

4. Don’t vape E-cigs on public transportation

3. Cigarette Smokers are not your inferiors; don’t act like it.

2. Do not vape around children

1. Don’t leave a trail of e-cig wrappers and cartridges lying around.

Find out more information about vaping and electronic cigarettes at METRO Electronic Cigarettes website.



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E-Cigarettes and Your Health

By Lucas McDonough

Check out this infographic by E-Cigarette-Forum

e-cigs and health

The “Dark Truth” of E-cigarettes


Electronic Cigarettes: The What and How

By Lucas McDonough

With pending regulation from the FDA and big tobacco jumping in on the action, electronic cigarettes are quite the buzz these days. So what exactly is all the buzz about? What are electronic cigarettes and how do you use them?

Introduced in the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that emulate smoking traditional combustible cigarettes. Often referred to as “vaping”, the act of using an e-cigarette occurs when the user or “vaper” draws on the device like they normally would with a traditional cigarette. When they draw on the e-cig an atomizer vaporizes the nicotine and converts the liquid into a smoke-like vapor that the user then inhales.

Also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes or vaporizers, electronic cigarettes allow the user to vape whenever and wherever they like. With no ash, no smell and no offensive secondhand smoke, vapers are able to enjoy their smoking habits without offending others.

When understanding electronic cigarette parts, the battery is the simplest part of the equation. Like most batteries, the e-cig battery is a lithium-ion battery. It provides power to the heating mechanism in the cartridge that creates the vapor you inhale and exhale.

The Cartridge is the most complex portion of the two e-cig parts. It contains a chamber that holds the nicotine that has been dissolved in propylene glycol. The cartridge also contains a heating coil that is activated only when the cartridge is screwed into the battery and the cartridge is inhaled, by pressing to the lips, simultaneously. While inhaling, the liquid nicotine is heated up and vaporized so that what you inhale and exhale is a vapor, not a smoke. This makes the evaporation of the vapor easy and there is no lingering smoke.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, which allows you to get your dose of nicotine without ingesting the 4,000 plus chemicals that you normally would with a combustible cigarette. You are also not inhaling over 40 known carcinogens that are found in the burning of tobacco. With the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, you experience the same oral fixation and hand-to-mouth action of smoking that you are accustomed to. METRO Electronic Cigarettes actually offer different levels of nicotine with their cartridges, including a 0.0% nicotine cartridge to help out those who truly enjoy the act of smoking without the nicotine.

How do electronic cigarettes work

A breakdown of how electronic cigarettes work.

A great way to introduce smokers into the e-cig market is the disposable electronic cigarette. At a value price, it’s an inexpensive way for current smokers to get acquainted with e-cigs and how to use them. Once they are familiar with how they work and want to delve deeper into the market, there are cartridge options and designer kits to satisfy their smoking needs. One great thing about using the cartridges is that they are cheaper than traditional cigarettes and the amount of waste is considerably lower than traditional cigs too. Also, some companies like METRO Electronic Cigarettes offer a recycling program that rewards the consumer with free cartridges after turning so many in, which helps keep the e-waste out of landfills.

With the FDA considering new regulation on e-cigarettes and big tobacco emerging into the electronic cigarette world, the e-cig buzz is proving to be more than a fad. Since it’s introduction in 2007, sales of electronic cigarettes have nearly doubled every year and there is no sign of slowing down in the future. From one-time disposables to custom designer kits, make sure to offer your customers an e-cig brand that allows many options to meet their smoking needs all while increasing your bottom line.



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